MHS 50th Anniversary Celebration Reunion

Dear Classmates,

Please encourage your classmates to participate.  This is a very important celebration.  Few schools and or classmates can participate in reaching the 50th Anniversary and the name of the school is intact, and the initial classmates are able to attend.

We look forward to sharing with you the choices the majority makes for this special occassion.

  • Deadline must be set for July 15, 2016 - this will give the appropriate amount of time to reserve venues and secure advertisments.
  • Respectfully,

The MHS 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee

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* Answer Required
1)   * When would you like to see the 50th Celebration take place in 2017?

October or August (The date is according to the venue availability)

Suggest different month and why. Keep choice out of hunting season.
2)   * Where would you like to see the 50th Celebration take place in 2017?

A Hotel - Give name
Suggest different venue- name and location ( if enough votes for a
different venue happens and it applies to the needs of this particular
reunion we will use that choice)
3)   * Since the majority voted to keep the ice breaker...What activities would you like to see happen for the ice breaker?

Provide ideas with detail of who might organize and provide materials
for the activity.
4)   * Activities for the main evening of the reunion: Provide suggestions with who might organize and provide materials for the activity.

Band- DJ etc.
5)   * We enjoyed great drawing prizes and the majority voted to keep that wonderful activity. We need donors of drawing prizes. With this donation recognition of donors will be in a special section of the Memory Book.

Donations amounts will be up to the donors.
6)   * We need Class Reps for 1967-1968 and additional help for 1970-1971-1972

The Class Reps are simply responsible for contacting classmates to
let them know about the 50th and encouraging them to join the Website
as well as our FB pages to keep up with current information.

WE also need pictures from each class....We are especially interested
in group pictures from the year book. A then and now. Ex. If you
have a group picture that has five people try to have at least three to
show up for a now picture at your arranged time. We will focus on
the pictures who have the most to show for the now picture and use the
rest for border captions. Send in a current picture for your given quarter
page. If you wish to add space ex 1/4 page to make your space a half
page will cost $25.00. A full page $100.00. This is for business advertisments
as well as for personal picture choices submitted.

Time line : For Then and Now submission.....October 15, 2016.
For additional space for personal or business...November 15, 2016.

Your contributions will help make the Memory Book and show a more special occasion.
7)   * If you were in the military. Provide your military picture if possible, branch of military and year(s) served.

8)   If you are aware of any of our classmates from 1967-1972 who have passed away since 2015 and they were missed in the last reunion Memory Book and or has passed away after that time...please provide their names, class year and if possible the year they passed away.