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05/20/13 01:58 PM #6    

Yolanda Garcia (Cerda) (1968)

From the classs of 1967; the only one I remember is Carlos Gabler.  Viet Nam Veteran and is now deceased.

05/20/13 09:37 PM #7    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

Hello To All Classmates,


We ae working on contacting all our MIA Classmates !!!!  Please take a few moments and try to reach all whom you have not seen at reunions or who are not on our reunion website....


This can be an awesome method of communications for all classmates !


Let's truly make this reunion ROCK IT ALL OUT !!!!






05/22/13 05:23 PM #8    

Leonard White (1971)

I am booked, see ya soon.   Let me know where I can help

05/22/13 07:53 PM #9    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

Hello Buddy,

Again, congratulations on your marriage !


You can help by finding and encouraging your classmates to join this website and to attend the reunion.  Your class is one of the classes in charge of announcing this reunions highlighted classmates of 1968 & 1969.



05/23/13 09:45 AM #10    

Yolanda Garcia (Cerda) (1968)

So sorry to hear about Jim Norwood.  His father was my bus driver for 4 years.

I remember when he had the route all the way to Aldine. Back then I thought we

were brats but it's nothing compared to now days.

06/09/13 09:59 AM #11    


Donald Whitecotton (1967)

Had a great day fishing limited out on RedSnapper with a 36 in 27.5 lb one all of crew were happy with Capt Don.


06/09/13 03:00 PM #12    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

So, Donald,  when is the fish fry ?????  ; )

06/11/13 10:00 AM #13    

Glena Dawson (1970)

coolGood morning everybody! I'm trying to gather up some MIA's. I love the reunions. I mean where else can you get together with so many friends old and new! Come on guys lets get it together and make this the biggest one yet.

06/11/13 04:10 PM #14    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

You go girl !   We have this reunion full of new and improved fun for all, including spouses or guests.


This is one you do not want to miss.




07/03/13 09:04 PM #15    

John Henry Watkins (1969)

Things were much different when we were at MacArthur than now, .... A computer  to us was something that was on the Mercury Space Capsules and we didnt know what it really did, ... The gasoline for the automobiles was blue in color and 19 cents a gallon, ... Jack in the Box had one kind of hamburger, .... Some places had specials on Fridays, 5 Hamburgers for a dollar, ...  Our cars had a lot of chrome and we would polish them up to shine in the neon lights on Saturday night, ...  Harleys and Corvettes were few in number and rarely seen,... Aldine Mail Route was a country road with nothing much but fields and pastures, ... Our teachers wore neckties and dresses and we respected them,  Mr Ennis had a reputation for giving hard swats, ... and one more thing; the winters were COLD!   

07/04/13 09:57 AM #16    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)



You are absolutely right on every point.  I know as a student we were expected to dress respectfully and i was sent home for wearing a dress too short....the letter jacket raised my dress in the back...and it did not help I was standing on stage....I was so much can I show is the rule of thumb...


I enjoy going back in the day...but keep my head in the now, as this old world looks for those who are gullible by expectations that truly do not exist in the bigger world...we are seriously too multi-cultured and our America will never be the same again.



07/05/13 08:49 AM #17    

Charles (Chuck) Goodwin (1969)

Hello Every one:

I have been missing in action from Texas for the last 13 years, I have been living in Washington State. We were there to take care of my wife's father. I had to move back 11/2 years ago so I could take care of everything finance wise.

I missed the 300 days of sun viruses 300 days of clouds and rain. The northwest is very eclectic and it is a complete culture shock when you come from the south. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and I will be praying that we won't be missing any one else before then. I hope this finds everyone in good health since we are all approaching senior citizen status.

God bless and see you soon.

Charles Goodwin (Chuck)


07/05/13 09:01 AM #18    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

So glad you will be with us Chuck !



09/05/13 01:54 PM #19    

Eddie Hargroves (1969)

I am getting the 2013 Reunion Video's wrapped up. If you have not signed up to attend the Reunion on September 28th, you will really miss a great time. Get signed up now/today so your school picture and name will not be left out of the Video's and Memory Book. I still don't see Sandy, Presley, or Bud's name on the attendee's list. Come on guys, you know what fun it was to see some of our classmates the first time in many years. It was really a good feeling. If you don't know how to sign up, email or call me, Peggy or Linda and we will walk you through it. A little over 3 weeks till the Reunion. Please don't put it off. Sign up today. Eddie

09/29/13 05:41 PM #20    

John Henry Watkins (1969)

Had a good time last nite (2013 reunion).  Memories, friends, Long time no see. Never would have recognized some.  Maybe the trip  thing will get going and we can get together at times....Lots of fall festivals in small towns comming up. Appreciate all the people that worked and made the reunion possible. Wish I had the resources and wits to find some of my classmates that I havent heard from in years. 

09/29/13 10:37 PM #21    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

Thanks so all to our classmates who attended the 2013 Mulit-Class Reunion !  The MCR Committee worked very hard to make the room, and evening special for all attendees. 

I personally wish to thank my former students, Sam Herrera for the  loan of the awesome MacArthur banner, and Denette Clark Craig, for her officiating the door, and dinner tickets, Debbie Clark (1971) Busy Bees commanding the reception desk with their usual perfessionalism, Jackie Harris Shedd's daughters, Deborah Shedd monitoring the REDGO sheet sells,and Stacy Shedd Rahimi our awesome photographer.

The generosity of our classmates, (trying to find everyone's name), for thier donations to the Silent Auction, Glenna Dawson's, $20.00 contribution, Gloria Rodriquez Moustakis's, donation of $25.00 gift certificate, Cathy Allen's, donation of two huge bottles of nice wine, Steven Guinn's donation of helium, and the time, energy and devotion of the committee members to make it the best party !

2015 We will be moving the reunion to a different venue,and providing monthly gathering opportunities, as this was a wish and request of classmates.

With Deepest Appreciation,

PeggySue Hammers-Moran

10/19/13 01:43 PM #22    

Garner Moran (1967)

What a wonderful sight and what a beautiful surprise when reading messages from fellas that lived in Freeway Forest so long ago, hahahaha...... I have often wondered what happened to that guy who lived in the back of the hood.  His parents were wonderful and I believe he had a younger brother and sister.  This is such a wonderful sight in assisting the past to come forward.  Hope you all enjoy it as I do.


05/10/14 09:50 PM #23    

Lynn Dixon (Reynolds) (1969)

As they say -- better late than never.  

I had a great time at the reunion.    I wish I had got up and mingled more.   While looking out over the banquet room there were few faces I recognized but I'm sure if I had got up and talked with others the little light over my head would  have lit up.    I will surely take the opportunity next time to chat more and I can't wait.    


Lynn (Dixon) Reynolds 





09/18/15 02:07 PM #24    

Terry Parker (1972)

This is Terry Parker (1972):  Is there anyone from my class going to the reunion.  I know on the web it says for '67-'71 but I have heard that there maybe friends from my class as well that will be attending.  I will be there with  my wife and sister Peggy who graduated a few years earlier.  Just checking if anyone from '72 is coming I sure would like to know.  Thanks

09/19/15 05:35 PM #25    

Nina Winner (Newsom) (1971)

Hi Terry, this is Nina Winner Newsom.  My husband Lynn Newsom and I will be attending the mixer and reunion.   Look forward to seeing you.

09/21/15 06:37 AM #26    

Terry Parker (1972)

Great!  Hope to see more there too.  Tell Lynn that I am looking forward to seeing him again.

10/14/15 01:52 AM #27    

John Blaine (Mauldin) (1972)

John Blaine (Mauldin) 1972

To all 1972 Classmates, I'm hoping to see a good representation of our class at this important 2 evening event. I know the web site link says 67-71, but our class has been officially added. We wanted to be included and now we are, so lets not waste this opportunity. The planning commitee has worked tirelessly to produce a 1st class party for all to enjoy. At our age more and more of us are passing away on a more frequent basis, so this may be the last opportunity for some of us to reconnect with friends from our youth. Don't create another life regret by missing this opportunity. I sincerely, hope to see many of my friends next week, most of whom I haven't seen in years. Lets share old memories and make new memories.. 

11/19/15 08:22 AM #28    

Elizabeth Carroll (Rhodes) (1970)

Good morning fellow Generals, I'm a consultant with Scentsy and I'm hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the 2017 50th Reunion.  Go to my website

I will donate a portion of my commission to the fund.

If you have any questions or want to sample the scents just email me at or text 713-542-9717.

Happy Shopping, Elizabeth Carroll Rhodes

09/28/17 12:36 AM #29    


Peggy Sue Hammers (Moran) (1969)

50th Anniversary Celebration Reunion-THE DETAILS....
October 20-21-22, 2017
Oct. 20 & 21 @ The Sheraton Bush:
5:30 -9:30 PM - Cake- Coffee- Tea - Water and fun candy snacks. Bar is next door.
OCTOBER 21- 50TH CELEBRATION - IN THE GRANDE BALLROOM - Dress is nice casual to as spiffy as you wish. Please be respectful that this is the 50th Celebration.
Check in begins at 5:30PM
Admittance to the Ballroom begins at 6:00PM
You can take your group "caption" shots for " NOW" pictures beginning at 5:00PM with Edward Collins.
Official MHS groups, like organizations, teams etc. Now pictures will be scheduled for your convenience through out the evening.
Check the photo schedule on the NOW PHOTO PAGE IN YOUR MEMORY BOOK.
If you wish a 5x7 color copy it is $5.00 each picture.
All official group pictures will begin between 7:00PM-830PM
Drawing prize announcements and awards will begin at 8:45PM.
Caption NOW pictures will resume at 9:15PM-10:15 PM. All pictures must be done by
Drawing tickets are $5.00 a ticket. Each item in the drawing will have a bowl, and you can pick which prize you wish to go for. Different prizes have different number of ticket requirements to participate. Use and leave stapler at each bowl for your tickets that need more than one ticket to participate.
Center piece Drawing: All or none drawing at the table. Choose a table rep. This person will collect two tickets from each person at the table- turn it into Debbie Clark Craig. She will in turn bring to your table, a drawing bowl, pencil and eight slips of paper to have each person fill out their name. Clearly Print name.
Drawing will take place between 9-11PM.
SUNDAY - OCTOBER 22, Check in 1:00PM Tour conducted by present MHS students.

12/02/20 11:15 AM #30    

Yolanda Garcia (Cerda) (1968)

So sad to hear you're leaving your position there.  You've done an excellent job.  One that is always appreciated.  I would love ❤️ to keep in touch with you.  Stay healthy and God Bless you.

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